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Working with The Loft was a breath of fresh air; highly talent team and we look forward to working with them again and again!
Noura Bouzo, Co-founder and Creative Drector Oasis Magazine
My experience at The Loft would be rated at 10/10! The team is innovative, friendly, and efficient. Things were always done sooner than I expected. During the meetings I felt like I was talking to business partners not just a service provider. They came up with the name “The Lighthouse” and created a beautiful identity that matched  exactly what I envisioned for my new venture. I am impressed with their creativity, flexibility, and dedication. It doesn't get better than that!
Nouf Hakeem, Founder of The Lighthouse
A sharp eye that can listen before it looks, and details that create the grand beauty of the picture.
Abu Bakr Alkaff, Marketing Manager at Lomar
"Working with the loft has been an absolute pleasure, the vibe of the place is fun, the people working their are extremely friendly and professional, and the results were always better than I expected"
Sara Khashiggi, Owner of Baby Itra
Working with The Loft team was a splendid Passage, that moved me through my visionand over my expectations. It sure was a delightful excursion!
Sara BaSaad, Founder of MojaMajka
It was an absolute pleasure working with the loft team. Their collaboration made them the productive and wonderfully creative team that they are. With their professionalism and organization they fulfilled all of my needs as costumer in the most outstanding and creative way possible.
Samah Khashoggi, Founder and Designer Samah Abayas
One of the first stepping stone to our success was redeveloping our brand and image with The Loft. Our logo, our brand and our image couldn't be reflected better and tell  our story better than what we had set in mind. The Loft team listened, believed,and fulfilled our expectations. We will always look forward to working with their creative team
Yusra and Zeina Adra, Orange Blossom founders
The Loft took on our project “changing the look of our menu”. We were dazed by the design options they provided us with. All along this project, The Loft team of designers was at our disposal until the very last detailed change. We couldn’t have done it without them. Whenever we have such projects, The Loft is the first name that comes to our mind. A friendly and energetic vibe at a crib full of creative designers like that makes it hard not tocome back to them with more projects. It goes without saying; The Loft is an unswerving partner Shobak is thankful to have.
Shobak Family
" Im lucky to have worked with such a talented team. The whole experience from their creative input to their approach coupled with their professional attitudewas refreshing and inspiring.  I was extremely happy with results they delivered and highly recommend working with them for your creative needs. I can confidently say, they are the best firm in the market now "
Ahd Kamel, Film Maker
“ I have hired The Loft on several occasions, the quality I received in photography and design left me proud of their skills. The Loft left a great impression and made me proud in front of my clients, I would hire their talents any day. ”
Said Aghil Baaghil, Founder & Brand Marketing Strategist AskBaaghil.com Author of the book "The Power of Belonging"
" The Loft developed the brand identity of "The Space", Jeddah's first co-working space and soft-touch incubation concept, The experience throughout the planning and delivery of the brand identity was a pleasing one, the team showed good understanding of our vision and mission, studied regional and international models, and gave us concrete options of the name and logo. We beleive that they succeeded in creating a brand identity that communicates our objectives, and for that, we are very tankful "
Omar Shabaan, Founder of “The Space”